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Jake Khoussine

I'm a physician-scientist in training who wants to share my interests.

In my 6th year as a MD/PhD student at UW-Madison, currently working in the Lab of Mrinalini Hoon. My research focuses on the retina, and the neural mechanisms that generate vision and breakdown in blindness. I plan to pursue ophthalmology training and become a retinal specialist.

As an entrepreneur, I am the founder and CEO of Stempath.


National Eye Institute F30 Grant

To conduct research into the mechanisms of inner retinal structure and function in congenital stationary night blindness

Vision: A Platform for Linking Circuits, Behavior, and Perception

Alumnus of the prestigious and comprehensive vision course at the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Telemedicine Equipment Grant

To improve diagnosis and outcomes for people with diabetic retinopathy through teleophthalmology

Vision Research Training Grant (T32)

To conduct research into neural circuity of the retina in health and disease

Medical Scientist Training Program, Advising Chair

To support junior students navigating important phase transitions in MD-PhD training

Honors College Award for Distinction in Research

For undergraduate thesis presentation on the genetics of cell death

BP-ENDURE Neuroscience Scholar

For underrepresented students in neuroscience to conduct NIH-sponsored research